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What Is Required To Use ETF Profit Driver?
This educational course does not lock you into a "back-end" software program or service, but simply teaches you how to use commonly available tools to produce extraordinary portfolio performance in all market conditions.

ETF Profit Driver ChartingTo fully implement ETF Profit Driver, reasonably good technical analysis software with scanning capabilities is required. The course is not designed for use with any particular piece of software. You will need to upgrade from the complimentary broker provided charting applicatin to an affordable platform that allows you to scan through end-of-day pricing data, however. If you do not already have such software we would recommend that you take a look at the offerings from Worden Bros.

Alternatively, if you do not want to perform the scans yourself, the scan results can be obtained through a daily service offered by Profits Run. That service is not included in the cost of the course and involves a monthly membership fee. Compare that fee to the cost of your technical analysis software and its data feed, factor in any time savings you will enjoy by allowing Bill Poulos' crew to do the grunt work for you, and you will have a good basis for making a decision.

The Profits Run scanning service is in no way necessary, as the same specific criteria utilized by the "in-house" service are provided in the course materials. Bill Poulos also demonstrates how to program those criteria into two popular, reasonably priced technical analysis platforms. The primary benefit of using the service is convenience and time savings.

Aside from your choice of a technical analysis software package and a funded brokerage account, there is nothing more you require to fully apply the lessons taught in the ETF Profit Driver course.

 Having reviewed the ETF Profit Driver in detail, you may now want to consider Bill Poulos' credentials.

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Charting Software for ETF Profit DriverIf your analysis needs go beyond the four ETF Profit Driver scans, you may do well to consider bypassing the Profits Run monthly service and run your own scans each evening using a platform like Worden Bros' TeleChart service.